All-Position Tyre for On and Off

All-Position Tyre for On and Off

Durable and damage resistant all-position tyre with improved durability and a high rolling resistance.

  • Durability


  • Traction



  • Long haul

    Long haul

  • Regional haul

    Regional haul

  • Urban


  • On & Off road

    On & Off


  • All-position tyre for multiple road conditions.

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Vehicles & Position

All Position
Vehicles & Position Recommended position Available position

Special tread compound for durability and a long lifespan

Tie-bars for increased block stiffness & traction.

  • Durability


  • Traction



  • All-position tyre for multiple road conditions.
  • Innovative Tread Design
  • Tie-Bar Between Blocks
  • Robust 4-Belt Construction
  • Handling


  • Braking


  • Wear life

    Wear life


Innovative Tread Design
Innovative tread design with secondary sipes provides outstanding traction in all weather conditions.
Tie-Bar Between Blocks
Tie-bar between blocks increases block rigidity for added traction and enhanced resistance against uneven wear.
Robust 4-Belt Construction
Robust 4-belt construction with specific protection layer delivers extra-long casing life.

Regrooving Technical Data

Laufenn can provide customers with the best regrooving service using Hankooktire's enhanced technology.

  • New tread
    New tread
  • Worn tread
    Worn tread
Size LI/SS Type
Tread Depth
Regrooving Depth
Regrooving Width
385/65R22.5 158L TL 16.5 3 9 - 11

Available Sizes

Size LI/SS PR Measured Rim Max.Air Max.Load Overall Diameter (mm) Section Width (mm) Tread Width (mm) Tread Depth (mm) Static Loaded Radius (mm) Tyre Labelling Class
S (PSI) D (PSI) S (bar) D (bar) S (kgs) D (kgs) S (lbs) D (lbs) Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip Noise Level
385/65R22.5 158L P18 11.75 120 120 8.3 8.3 4250 - 9370 - 1074 382 288 16.5 497 C C 72

This is a comprehensive list of products produced. Some sizes may not be stocked locally but can be ordered as required.