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Hankook Tyre Launches Laufenn Brand in Australia and New Zealand
Hankook Tyre Launches Laufenn Brand in Australia and New Zealand

Hankook Tyre, one of the leading tyre companies in Australia, has announced the launch of its associate brand, Laufenn. The launch is part of its growth strategy to provide the Australian and New Zealand markets with a product dedicated to value, quality and style.

With the successful launch in North & Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the introduction of Laufenn in the Australian and New Zealand markets adds further creditability to the successful globalisation of the Laufenn brand.

"Introducing Laufenn is our commitment to fulfil the versatile needs of consumers seeking value and top-of-the-line performance," said Peter Jung, Managing Director of Hankook Tyre Australia. "Globally, the acceptance of the Laufenn brand has been absolutely phenomenal. To create a range of products tailored for various lifestyle needs. That's what Laufenn is about."

Laufenn will be introduced with the following tyre patterns:

· S FIT EQ –Ultra-high performance summer tyre

· G FIT EQ – High performance summer tyre

· X FIT HT – Highway-terrain SUV and light truck tyre

· X FIT AT – All-terrain SUV and light truck tyre

· X FIT VAN – Light truck and van tyre

· S FIT AS – Ultra-high performance passenger tyre

· G FIT AS – Touring high performance passenger tyre

"Whether its commuting to work via the motorway, driving a sports car on the weekend, or venturing in a 4X4 during the holidays, Australian and New Zealand drivers want specific tyres to satisfy their lifestyle," comments Jung. "The Laufenn brand is a direct response to giving customers what they need, and at the same time delivering value, quality and performance."

The introduction of Laufenn will serve as Hankook's exemplary dedication and commitment to advanced driving. Effectively, it will position Hankook as a dominant company in delivering both Hankook and Laufenn as a complete offering for all drivers, placing Hankook a competitive company among the global tyre brands.

“Laufenn compliments the existing Hankook range and offers a large number of sizes for customers looking for value and a world class product”, says Marc Sibbald, National Sales Director of Hankook Tyre Australia. “The launch of Laufenn demonstrates our commitment to the local market and our desire to work in partnership with our customers to provide value to Australian and New Zealand motorists.”

Positioned as an associate and entry-level brand, Laufenn will serve the reasonable consumer with a well-rounded range of reliable products.